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“We Do Not Make Ketchup!”

Content Development / Social Media Marketing / Special Production Services

Content Development

Content Development

for media campaigns, TV and Youtube shows



Creative events' content & agenda

Media Planning

Establishing Your Presence

  • Planning: Developing action plans and guidelines, and managing social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook).
  • Creating: Creating and authenticating the accounts on social media.
  • Filtering: Studying the targeted audience. Nominating the right social media platforms, and media hype.

Branding your Presence

  • Language: Determining and maintaining the language used on social media, and creating a guide for it.
  • Tone: Determining and maintaining marketing tone of the brand on social media, and creating a user guide for different accounts.
  • Image: setting visual standards for the brand regarding size, color, and design, as well as developing and maintaining the image.

Managing Your Presence

  • Content: Creating original and interactive multi-media content.
  • Interaction: Establishing guidelines for interacting with customers and followers on social media, and setting a system to handle complaints.
  • Brand awareness: Creating brand awareness through social media presence.

Marketing Your Presence(Strategy)

Providing concept ideas for marketing campaigns on social networks, designing plans and suggesting the appropriate social networks and influencers for the campaign.

  • General campaigns: Designing and innovating general marketing campaigns according to the clients goals.
  • Products: Creating marketing campaigns to promote a specific product based on the marketing goals and the client's plan.
  • Events: Creating a social events calendar and creating a marketing campaign that suits the event (schools' finals, Ramadan, high profile football matches).
  • Quality Control: Setting the quality standards and supervising the execution of any marketing campaign.

Marketing Your Presence(Execution)

Executing the marketing campaigns ideas by writing the scripts, providing a detailed production plan, and suggesting the most suitable production teams, and supervising the production throughout the campaign.

  • Art Designs: Executing or creatively overseeing the execution of all photography shoots or graphic designs.
  • Video Production: Producing or creatively managing the production of videos for YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat.

Marketing Your Presence(YouTube)

  • Choosing the best YouTube channels to promote on, handling all communication, and supervising the brand/product appearance.
  • Production Executing the brands production on YouTube or managing its production.
  • Innovation Innovating ideas for videos (related or nonrelated) that will be broadcasted on the brand's YouTube channel.

Marketing Your Presence(Follow-up and Reports)

  • Research: Collecting data and information about the campaign?s performance and the brand's public image on social media.

These services can cover:

  • B2B productions: Commercials, special production for events, social media content
  • YouTube Production: Developing and procuding YouTube videos or shows.



Post production

Voiceover and sound production

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